Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

  • Description – Through our Disaster Relief Service, we provide Program Partners with resources when responding to a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment.  The service supports programs or organizations that support their community during an emergency, whether it be to intervene to prevent a worsening of the situation due to a natural disaster, community-wide emergency, or health emergency.  Some emergencies may include wildfires, flooding, water shortages, and disease outbreaks. 
  • DBA/Region – Native America Aid (NAA) (Northern Plains), Navajo Relief Fund (NRF) (Southwest) 
  • Service Type – Immediate Relief, Grant and Donor Funded 

I really want to thank the donors. We really need the water, and it’s really a relief for the community, especially the Elders.

– Seneca B., New Mexico 

Stats For This Specific Service

  • More than 70 natural disasters have occurred on Tribal lands in the last decade, with some communities being hit more than once a year. 

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