• Description: We work with regional growers to deliver fresh produce to Tribal communities during the harvest season.  
  • DBA/Region: Native American Aid (NAA) in the Northern Plains; Southwest Indian Relief Council® (SWIRC) in the Southwest 
  • Service type: Immediate Impact and Grant-funded 

Our ancestors raised us on buffalo. We were healthy with no sicknesses like cancer, diabetes, or obesity. We were active hunters and used every part of the buffalo – hooves, horns, tails, to the tip of the nose. I wanted to bring back that ancestral way today by offering a couple of delicious meals for families. We really appreciate everything provided.

– Karen R., South Dakota 

I just want my kids to have three good meals a day. But it’s hard to get enough food to cook even two meals a day. My kids and nieces were so excited when I brought the food back. They really liked the watermelon. I made a mixed fruit bowl and boiled the zucchini with potatoes and peppers, and they asked if I could make it again.

– Roseann P., South Dakota 

Stats For This Specific Service

  • Many Tribal communities are unsuitable for growing fruits and vegetables, or they are food deserts 10 miles or more from the nearest grocer, contributing to diabetes and other nutrition-related illnesses. 
  • The “modern” Western diet is detrimental to the health of all consumers, especially Elders. 


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