Standard Food

Standard Food

  • Description: Elder Nutrition Centers (ENCs) and soup kitchens provide Native American Elders with hot lunches five days a week to ensure healthy, balanced meals. Although the ENCs may receive Federal funding, food supplies often run low by the end of the month, so the NPRA Food service provides staple foods to help ensure the Elders do not go hungry. 
  • DBA/Region: Northern Plains Reservation Aid® (NPRA) in the Northern Plains; Southwest Reservation Aid® (SWRA) in the Southwest 
  • Service type: Immediate Impact 

If we’re closed even a couple of days, people will come in and say, ‘Why were you closed? I was hungry.’ Walthill doesn’t have [many programs] left, so we have to keep this place going. We’re so excited when we see the truck with our shipment. Everyone is so kind.

– Chris M., Nebraska 

It’s more than what you can get at a restaurant… The senior center makes it a lot easier for people to get together. Each of us has a place in the community.

– Dan E., Nebraska 

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