Winter Fuel

Winter Fuel – Vouchers and Wood

  • Description – During the winter, many Elders living in remote Tribal lands lack access to resources like food and fuel for heating their homes. We offer the Winter Fuel service to support Native Elders by providing firewood or fuel vouchers, based on the community’s needs. Through this service, Elders receive one cord of wood or a fuel voucher. Firewood is chopped and delivered to the Elder, eliminating the need for them to plan for travel and delivery. The vouchers help Elders lower the cost of their electric, propane, or natural gas bill.  
  • DBA/Region – Northern Plains Reservation Aid® (NPRA) (Vouchers), Sioux Nation Relief Fund (SNRF) (Wood), Southwest Reservation Aid® (SWRA) (Vouchers), Southwest Indian Relief Council® (SWIRC) (Wood) 
  • Service Type – Immediate Relief, Grant funded 

PWNA is a great asset to me. A lot of people here aren’t rich; they’re on a fixed income, so these supplies help them a lot. 

– Sylvia L., New Mexico

I needed the [Winter Fuel] voucher because it costs too much money to get propane, and I’m the only one in the house with income. You work, but you really don’t have a paycheck. It’s a challenge keeping up on bills.

– Audrey K., South Dakota

Stats For This Specific Service

  • 1 in 5 Elders in our Northern Plains service area is living in poverty.  
  • 40% of reservation housing is considered sub-standard – posing a risk to the health, safety, or physical well-being of its occupants, neighbors, or visitor – and is typically inefficient to heat.  
  • Many Tribal energy assistance funds are depleted before the long Northern Plains winters end.  

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