Wojapi Recipe

Wojapi Recipe

In Native American communities, when a child learns to make wojapi or helps prepare bison meat, it’s not just about learning to cook. It’s about passing along a rich history and sharing traditions with the next generation. 

Wojapi is a traditional berry soup, or pudding, associated with the Lakota of the Northern Plains. It connects us to the traditions of ancient hunter/gatherer societies, before large-scale agriculture was common, when a family might dine on the seasonal bounty they found in nature. Nutritious berries, picked in the wild, could be enjoyed fresh from the bush or vine, but they could also be cooked in a pot or mixed with grain and boiled or baked. 
Consider serving this traditional wojapi as a topping for cornbread, over ice cream, or even with turkey, duck or goose. If you can’t find the wild chokeberries or buffalo berries the Lakota prefer, simply use the seasonal berries you find near you. 

Download the recipe today and enjoy a taste of tradition in your own home!  

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