Reservation Animal Rescue Made Possible by You

Reservation life is complex for many Native Americans, as they navigate through food and water shortages, poverty and a general lack of resources. The same can be said for the animals. If you ever get the chance to visit a reservation, there is one thing that cannot go unnoticed – the alarming number of stray cats and dogs roaming the community. In fact, in the Navajo nation alone, one estimate cites 250,000 stray dogs. It is heartbreaking to see dogs and cats on the side of the road in danger of being hit by a vehicle, not being able to have a good meal, and not having access to veterinary care.

Indian reservations are often animal resource deserts, defined as entire communities with no veterinarians, pet supply stores, and animal welfare infrastructure. Simply put, these animals need help.

For hundreds of years, animals have been faithfully serving the Native people and remain loyal to this day. Early Native Americans used dogs to help men hunt for food, pull sleds, assist women with daily physical labors and help keep the children entertained. For Indigenous people then and now, dogs are not just pets but members of the family and tribe. They want to care for the strays, but day-to-day realities make it difficult. That is why Partnership With Native Americans and its Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR) program work to improve animal welfare and give reservation animals a fighting chance.

RAR is committed to supporting Native communities in their efforts to become healthier and safer through a multi-pronged approach to animal welfare. At the heart of their work is partnering with reservation shelters, veterinary clinics and animal welfare groups who rescue hungry or injured stray animals and stop the spread of disease.

A RAR donation made by you can ensure the continued delivery of essential pet supplies such as food and bedding, vaccinations and spay/neuter services, the supplies that foster families need to care for their new house guests and education on proper pet care. In 2021, RAR was able to help more than 2,700 animals, and with your help can do even more. Man’s best friend has never turned their back on us – and thanks to you, we can return the favor.

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