This North Texas Day, Join Us to Remember Native American Students

Education is a cornerstone of economic mobility and self-sufficiency, yet it is often out of reach for Native American students. With up to 61% of Indigenous children living in poverty or low-income households, many Native families struggle to keep healthy food on the table, let alone afford tuition, school supplies or technology required for learning.

The end result? Many Native students simply don’t believe that college is an option for them – with odds like this stacked against them, how could they? Only 16% of Native Americans hold a college degree, whereas 40% of their white peers do. In part, this is because less than one percent of all charitable giving supports Native causes.

So how do we change this? Here’s one great way to start: Participate in North Texas Giving Day to help Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) support Native education!

Americans view going to college as a basic human right, but it’s not a given for Native students. That’s why PWNA prioritizes American Indian education from ‘cradle to college and career’ to champion hope and prosperity in tribal communities.

Our whole focus is to increase access so that more Native students have the resources and encouragement they need to learn and succeed. Once in college, freshman year presents extraordinary challenges for Native students. So, we help with more than just funding. Our scholarship recipients may also receive welcome packages, laptops, mentoring, holiday care packages, and more to ensure their success.

By harnessing the power of education, these future leaders can bring about positive changes in their own lives and tribal communities. Even a two-year degree means a graduate can earn $10,000+ per year than a high school grad in today’s economy.

Headquartered in Addison right outside of Dallas, Texas, Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) is a national, Native-led 501c3 nonprofit serving Indian Country since 1990. We see the struggles Native Americans are facing every day – but we also see youth break through generational trauma, blaze new pathways and head toward a brighter future through education.

When you choose to fund Native education, you are making a deliberate choice to feed the dreams not only of students today but of future generations. Join us in giving back to your community by supporting Native American students in North Texas! Your donation means the world to us, but hurry – the deadline is midnight on September 22!

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