Your Gift of Winter Fuel Can Save a Life

While the New Year brings a chance to make changes in our lives, many in the Native community are still facing difficult choices – and a difficult winter. The long winters in the Northern Plains can dip to below zero temperatures and bitter cold can persist for 3 months of longer.  

Against incredible odds, such as 1 in 4 families facing food insecurity and over 90,000 Native people homeless, those living on the reservations have tried their best to prepare for what is expected to be another harsh season. But many Elders still need supplies to survive the winter – especially winter fuel – so a donation can help save lives. For some Elders, the Northern Plains Reservation Aid (NPRA) program of PWNA may be the only winter fuel or heating assistance they receive.

When it comes to a warm home, the choices are few – propane, electricity or gas – and very expensive, up to $400 a month to stay warm. Firewood is another favorite among Elders of the Northern Plains, but it too can be expensive – up to $300 for a single cord. Elders worry about running out of firewood and often lack the funds to purchase more.

This winter, your donation will help NPRA provide winter warmth and stop the cycle of tough choices like whether to buy food or medicine or heat. Please donate today with the gift of warmth. Don’t delay – winter is here!

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