2022 Year in Review: Most Popular Blogs and Social Posts

As we embark upon the new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year at Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA). 2022 brought many opportunities to continue raising awareness and righting the wrongs affecting Native Americans and people of color. Thankfully, through the continued support of generous donors, PWNA was able to continue delivering services that address long-standing disparities around food and water, education, health care, emergency response, animal welfare and holiday support.

It takes heart and partnership from our tribal partners, collaborators, donors, Board and staff to carry out our mission of serving immediate needs and supporting long-term solutions – not to mention champion hope and a brighter future for Native Americans living in remote tribal communities. We thank each one of you for making this possible.

We would like to share this list of your favorite blogs and social posts from 2022, which rally around racial and social justice, culture, history and hope:

  1. Native Americans in Film and Music
  2. It’s National Hot Breakfast Month: What Are You Eating
  3. The Inflation Reduction Act: Indigenous Communities Need More
  4. This Weeks #NoteworthyNative is Mangas Coloradas
  5. Answering the Call When Disaster Strikes on the Reservation
  6. The Supreme Court Must Protect ICWA to Avoid Added Risk for Native Children
  7. 2020 Census Native Americans Undercounted: A Need for Real Numbers
  8. Barboncito Was the #Navajo Head Chief during the Treaty of 1868
  9. Native American Heritage Month: A Time to Celebrate & Become Native Aware
  10. Olo for Good donates $150000 for PWNA to Distribute Ancestral Foods
  11. Reservation Animal Rescue Made Possible by You
  12. #CrazyHorse Was Known for His Bravery and Prowess in Battle

Happy New Year! Stay tuned all year for the latest updates about our programs and Native thought leadership!

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