30 Ways You Can Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month

The first-ever presidential proclamation of a national Indigenous Peoples’ Day was a crucial step forward in celebrating the country’s diversity. However, we would be remiss to stop there. While Native Americans account for 7.1 million people in the U.S., these citizens are often overlooked. In fact, less than 1% of all U.S. charitable giving goes toward Native causes. Beyond that 1 in 3 Native Americans are living in poverty. This cannot and should not stand.

Native tribes have contributed vast amounts of culture and knowledge that impacts the lives of modern-day Americans. Did you know that sunglasses, mouthwash, syringes, rubber, anesthetics/topical pain relievers and much more were invented by Native Americans? Spreading awareness of these accomplishments can help improve the lives of Indigenous people in this country today.

Throughout the month of November, we are shining a light on the rich traditions and histories of our Native ancestors. It is a time of celebration and a time for action. Here at Partnership With Native Americans, we are celebrating American Indian Heritage Month (#AIHM) and sharing ways you can get involved and create impact throughout the month.

PWNA encourages everyone to observe #AIHM by shopping with Native-owned businesses to  help put money into tribal communities, asking employers to match your gift to Native nonprofits, pledging to be NativeAware, learning the real story of Thanksgiving, or donating a Thanksgiving meal or water to a Native Elder in need.  

Please check out our 30 calls to action in 30 days to learn more ways you can celebrate American Indian Heritage Month. Besides fostering participation, these actions serve as a roadmap to discovering truths about the First Americans. This month is an opportunity to educate yourself and others on the influence of Indigenous cultures on our society and to support Native causes by considering a donation. Keep in mind that AIHM ends in November, but these calls to action can be completed 365 days a year.

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