Can I Visit the Reservations: New Places

It’s a question we hear often:  Can I visit the reservations?  The answer is a resounding yes! But, there are things you need to know about reservation etiquette. There are also lots of communities and sites from which to choose, so I recommend that you browse our early topics on visiting the reservations:

In addition, here are few new places connected with Native heritage that you may wish to visit:

  • Museum of the American Bison:  This new museum is a captivating storyteller of American bison history. Historically, the buffalo was a main source of sustenance for Lakota and other Plains Indians, but bison were lost in great numbers due to greed and slaughter, which was accompanied by a loss of traditions for Lakota and other Plains Indians. But, there is hope today as the bison have come from near extinction to inspiring us with their resiliency. The museum is located off-reservation in Rapid City, South Dakota, and admission is free.
  • Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort:  The Navajo reservation has the largest Native American population of any tribe in the United States. As such, the needs of the Navajo are great, but with each new enterprise opened comes meaningful gains. One example is the new Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort that recently opened in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • Active Trails & Best Idea Programs:  This year, the National Park Foundation announced about $1 million in grants to support their Active Trails and Best Idea programs. Several of the grant projects involve Native American heritage sites, such as the Cherokee Trail of Tears in Tennessee, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Arizona that will enable youth and Navajo youth to engage in restoration, preservation, and cultural heritage activities along the San Juan River.

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