Donors Ask: Does Monthly Giving Make Sense for Me?

Nonprofits in the U.S. bear an enormous responsibility, filling the humanitarian needs and gaps left by government-funded social programs and corporations that do not view these needs as profitable enough for investment. In the balance, people suffer and are left wanting the quality of life and equity enjoyed by other Americans. This is why millions of people in the U.S. choose to work at nonprofits, and to do so for a lesser salary than they could earn in private industry.

In this way, I view nonprofit workers as akin to donors:  both are the lifeblood of nonprofits; both care about making a difference and ensuring their help reaches those who need it. Nonprofit workers and donors also share another likeness:  commitment to a cause. I personally have worked in the nonprofit sector for over a decade, and now as VP of Development at Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA). I grew up on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana and, like each and every one of PWNA’s donors, I am committed to improving quality of life for Native Americans.

One of the best ways I’ve seen to do this is to keep on giving. For me, this means keep on working long and productive hours at PWNA and putting my heart into it. For our donors, this means keep on giving to support the cause through PWNA and the programs of PWNA.

In fact, donors have a very special chance to support the cause through “sustained” giving, or in simpler terms, through monthly giving.  Many donors ask us: Does monthly giving makes sense for me? It’s a great question that all donors should ask.

My question to donors is:  Do you realize how much more you can help by giving monthly, as an alternative to giving frequently in response to fundraising appeals? Or that giving monthly helps all year?

First and foremost, you should know that if you sign up for monthly giving, and you ever need to stop or change it, doing so at PWNA is as quick and easy as a call to our Donor Relations Department. Next, monthly giving means less mail and fundraising calls for you — and most importantly, it means knowing you are easing the suffering of others, every day. It also means a lower cost of fundraising for the charity, and maximizing how efficiently and effectively your gift is used in support of the mission. This just makes financial sense:  monthly giving = more impact.

You might be a monthly donor if:

  • You are donating to a particular program or cause over and over
  • Routinely choosing to support a particular ethnic group
  • Looking to lessen a particular concern for those in need
  • Making frequent gifts to a particular program or project
  • Wanting to see your gifts used as efficiently as possible, to make the greatest impact
  • Wanting to help, and also wanting to receive less mail or fewer fundraising calls

I would welcome a call from anyone who wants to learn more about monthly giving and joining our Circle of Friends. You can reach me or my staff at 800-416-8102, or visit

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