Explore Your Native Roots

Explore Your Roots

Have you ever wondered about your Native heritage? Have you heard stories from your family about being Native? Are you exploring your family’s history, health, or spiritual beliefs? 

Download the guide below to help you explore your Native Roots! Many people begin this journey for various reasons, such as needing financial aid for school, learning about family health history, or connecting with their cultural and spiritual beliefs. In the guide you’ll find: 

  • Basic details on how to start exploring your Native heritage 
  • Why you might want to explore your Native roots and what to expect 
  • Helpful information on how to identify your Native ancestry 
  • Tips on using family trees and research methods to learn about your Native lineage
  • A list of problems you might run into while exploring your Native heritage
  • Explanations of blood quantum and other key factors when joining Native Tribes or communities 

Tribal enrollment usually depends on two important things: How much Native heritage do you have, and can you prove it? When you download the guide today, you’ll get helpful tips and tools for successful research, making it easier for you to understand and navigate the process of exploring your Native roots with confidence. 

Disclaimer: This guide is meant to be a starting point for those interested in exploring their Native Roots and is by no means an all inclusive process for identifying blood quantum, Tribal affiliation, or enrollment issues. 

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