Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

PWNA relies solely on monetary and in-kind donations to aid reservation communities year-round. Corporations, foundations, and nonprofits make monetary donations through Grants or bulk donations of Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) products. GIK donations ensure PWNA can provide more high-quality goods to the reservations, such as food, water, literacy and school supplies, clothing, personal hygiene items, and more. Grants ensure we can support long-term solutions such as leadership development, healthy nutrition training, and emergency preparedness planning on the reservations. We collaborate with about 500 Tribal partners to ensure this aid reaches Native American Elders, children, and families in need.

All these donors have two things in common:  They care about the quality of life for Native Americans, and they recognize that less than 1 percent of charitable giving supports Native causes. Accordingly, we recognize them as leaders in philanthropy and social responsibility. 

Partnership With Native Americans provides $20-$30 million in aid per year, reaching remote Tribal communities most organizations cannot reach. With the support of socially responsible organizations and individual donors, we are impacting Native lives on up to 50 reservations year-round.

We appreciate your support!

Feeding South Dakota
Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies
Matthew 25: Ministries
Olo for Good
Operation Warm
PepsiCo RISE Native American Workforce Group
Shoes That Fit
Synchrony Bank
Tides Foundation
The Walmart Foundation

When it’s time to make your giving decisions, we hope you will remember Native Americans. To support our cause or learn more about how Grants or Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) donations can help, email: 
Jasey Jones or call toll-free at (214) 217-2600 ext. 109
Shane Smith, or call toll-free at (214) 217-2600 ext. 150