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Sioux Nation Relief Fund™

Service Area: Northern Plains Reservations (includes MT, ND, SD, NE, and WA)

The Sioux Nation Relief Fund™ (SNRF) Program provides food, health, emergency, and holiday support services for Native American Elders, children, and families on remote reservations in the Northern Plains. With support from generous donors, SNRF services address various needs, from emergencies to Elder nutrition. Volunteerism is at the heart of our vision and is achieved by working in tandem with Program Partners and volunteers on the reservations. Program Partners are members of the communities we serve, so they understand the needs of their communities and can provide lists of people requiring assistance, obtain facilities for events, and volunteer their own time to help distribute the products and services when delivered.  

Services Offered

Turkeys and trimmings are provided to Program Partners hosting community-wide Thanksgiving meals on the reservation for hundreds of Elders, families, and children.

Through Community Events, we help Tribal Partners support the goals of their reservation program. Any number of community projects can qualify for this service, such health education or screenings, prevention events, or  environmental projects that encourage residents to work together.  Community events occur as a one-time event rather than a recurring event.  We provide incentives such as personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies to help boost participation. 

Our residential service helps Program Partners who provide support for their residents. This service supports homeless shelters, elderly care centers, domestic violence shelters, and treatment programs. We offer products that can assist a facility by saving them funds that they can use elsewhere, improving their services. The facilities may receive toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other necessities for operation. Additionally, residents may receive personal care products.

Winters can be brutal on the reservation and access to goods and service is limited which poses an additional problem when emergencies arise. Working with Elderly Nutrition Centers, we provide emergency supplies that our Program Partners deliver to Elders in their community. Essentials may include items such as emergency blankets, candles, flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, jackets, and water.

During the hot summer months when the heat can threaten Native Elders, the Summer Emergency Box service ensures that food and other critical supplies are readily available. Working with Elderly Nutrition Centers, we provide emergency supplies that our Program Partners deliver to Elders in their community. Essentials may include items such as cooling blankets, flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, and water.

During the winter, many Elders living in remote Tribal lands lack access to resources like food and fuel for heating their homes. We offer the Winter Fuel service to support Native Elders by providing electric or propane vouchers. 

Quotes From Past Recipients

I've saved as much money as I can, but [the Winter Emergency Box] helps out a lot, especially towards the end of the month.

Mary Ann, SD

There are people today that are hungry, and PWNA has a good program here. We couldn't get some of these ingredients if it wasn't for donors, and I appreciate and thank them.

Hap, SD

[Hygiene supplies] really help, especially with no job -  I can't afford it myself. There aren't a lot of resources around here.

Felix, MT


The Pine Ridge Reservations encompasses two of the poorest counties in the entire United States.
40% of Native American homes are substandard.
1 in 4 Native Americans faces food insecurity.
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