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Navajo Relief Fund™

Service Area: Southwest Reservations (includes NM, AZ, UT, and CA)

The Navajo Relief Fund brings hope to Navajo Elders, children, and families through our food and water, emergency, and health services. We aim to improve the quality of life on the reservation by providing opportunities to bring about positive changes in Native communities – delivering essential, life-changing supplies when they are needed most. Our Program Partners are local volunteers who have an intimate understanding of the needs of their communities.  With the support of our generous friends and donors, NRF services address a wide variety of needs by delivering food and water, personal hygiene products, education, disaster relief, cleaning supplies and more to thousands of Navajo residents each year. 

Services Offered

A recent study by America’s Second Harvest shows that the majority of food banks lack an adequate supply of food to meet the rising demand. The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation in the United States – spanning 27,000 square miles – and is considered a food desert with only 13 grocery stores to serve the entire reservation. Through NRF’s Food Pantry Service, we supply food and pantry staples to dozens of food bank partners to serve their communities.

Selected Elder Nutrition Centers (ENCs) receive emergency food boxes and distribute them to the Elders they serve. These boxes help Elders weather the winter months when travel becomes difficult and heating and utilities costs more.

The NRF Thanksgiving Service provides Navajo Elders and their families with a food box containing a turkey and all the fixings – enough food to feed a family of 6 – so they can enjoy an uplifting holiday meal at home without added stress.

Through community events, NRF helps Program Partners support the goals and desired program results of the organization. Any number of community projects can qualify for support through this service. To encourage community members to work together, we support projects like health awareness events, trainings and conferences, and environmental projects. Community events must have a designed purpose and goal to educate the participants. We provide incentives such as coats for kids, personal hygiene items, and cleaning supplies to increase participation in the vent.

Through NRF’s Disaster Relief program, we serve as a first responder for natural disasters and environmental emergencies on the reservation. We provide essentials like food and water, batteries, blankets, PPE, or cleaning supplies as needed by each community for the people who are displaced.

During the hot summer months when the heat can threaten Native Elders, the Summer Emergency Box Service ensures that food and other critical supplies are readily available. Working with Program Partners such as Elders Nutrition Centers, we provide emergency supplies that they can deliver to Elders in their community. Essentials may include items such as cooling blankets, flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, and water.

Quotes From Past Recipients

When we get food like this, it helps us, and I do appreciate what [NRF] is doing for us. I really want to say thank you to [the donors], and I do appreciate what they’re doing for the Elderly.

Marion - Pueblo of Zuni

I’m really grateful; some of our Elders are in so much need, but we always try to help one another, too.

Elva - Chinle, AZ

Thank you to everyone who donates. Our parents really appreciate everything they get.

Lucinda - Navajo Nation


40% of households on the Navajo Nation lack access to running water.
On average, Navajo people travel 48 miles to get clean drinking water.
Much of the groundwater on the Navajo Reservation is contaminated by abandoned uranium mines.
Heart disease is the 2nd leading cause of death for the Navajo people.
The Navajo Nation is considered a food desert and has the highest food insecurity rate reported to date.
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