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Reservation Animal Rescue® (RAR) 
is a program of Partnership With Native Americans® (PWNA)

To thank you for signing up today, you’ll receive a RAR Magnet to show off your love and support for animals. 

You’ll feel good knowing you’re helping homeless, helpless, and hungry animals on the reservation. You’ll also find it is an easy way for you to make a significant contribution throughout the year.  

Every gift helps. Please make a one-time gift if you are not able to make a monthly commitment. 

Reservation Animal Rescue® (RAR)

Service Area: Reservations in MT, ND, SD, NE, AZ, NM, and UT

Animals play a valuable role in offering us companionship. In return, we must protect and enrich the lives of animals, especially those in communities with limited access to animal welfare resources.  

Reservation Animal Rescue® (RAR), a program of PWNA, helps Partners rescue hungry or injured stray animals and stop the spread of disease. We aim to improve the outcomes of animals on the reservation as well as promote safe and healthy communities. 

RAR supports animal welfare groups that rescue, rehabilitate and place injured or stray animals in foster care or forever homes, ensuring well-being of animals and healthy, safe communities. 

List of Services

Through our Community Events service, RAR supports community-based dog or cat wellness events and clinics to deliver motivational and educational resources for families. Participants receive animal care supplies to enhance the efforts of our animal rescue and control Partners. 

This service offers Program Partners pet food and care products so they can better meet the needs of animals and foster families. Program Partners can receive regular deliveries of pet food, cleaning supplies, disaster blankets, and other useful items for animal shelters. 

Grants provide reservation animal shelters with access to valuable funds so they can continue delivering services. Grants can help fund vaccination clinics, spay/neuter clinics, emergency vet care, transportation to urban no-kill shelters, and upgrade buildings or equipment.

Quotes From Past Recipients/Participants

It’s a very sad situation for dogs on the reservation, and everything you have provided has been a blessing. The variety of supplies cut our bottom line so we can help more animals… Donors are the absolute foundation of what we do, sharing what they have to help these creatures.

– Betty S., Arizona 

It’s already hard enough to survive in this day and age. It’s a blessing to have clinics like these because [vaccines] are so expensive.

– Andreita M., Arizona

It’s really important that donors know that they are doing a great job in supporting services to our community. They’re helping these dogs survive around here, and we’re very thankful.

– Patricia R., Montana 


About 920,000 shelter animals are estimated to be euthanized each year in the US (including 390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats).
70% of pets living in underserved communities in the U.S. have never seen a veterinarian.
The Navajo Nation has only six animal control officers for an area that spans about 27,000 square miles.
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