Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

All About Thanksgiving

"Mitakuye Oyasin – we are all related"

PWNA, in collaboration with Mary Mitchell, presents All About Thanksgiving – a Thanksgiving lesson plan for grades K-3rd from a Native American Teacher’s perspective. A resource for teachers, parents, and grandparents alike!

At PWNA, we believe children are the future. That’s why it is so important that we all do our part to teach them the truth of how this Nation came to be and the importance of the Native people who were here before us.

This lesson plan will teach children the truth about Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective and includes:

  • Age-appropriate lessons on Native culture and heritage
  • Culturally appropriate craft and activity recommendations
  • Printable activity sheets
  • Book recommendations and writing prompt ideas
  • Participation permission letter for parents/guardians
  • Accurate facts about the first Thanksgiving
  • A letter from PWNA’s president about ways to support Native causes



“We were not taught the truth in school. I feel like I have been blatantly lied to my whole life, and as a mother, it is important to me that my son learns an accurate history that has long been misconstrued in schools. It is imperative that he learns about diversity and practice inclusion — I will be sharing this resource with his school, and we will be learning about these things at home as well!” — Amanda, Mother & Advocate 

Download the lesson plan today — share it with a teacher or a school, or review the contents with your children and grandchildren at home to help us acknowledge the truth and recognize Native American people who are often forgotten!

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

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