Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways YOU can make a positive impact within Native American communities through PWNA. Check out some of the ideas below and choose the action that is right for you.  

Have another idea? Let us know! Reach out to our team and let’s discuss ways we can work together to realize our vision of strong, self-sufficient Native American communities. Call our office at (800) 416-8102 or email us at info@nativepartnership.org 

In-Person Opportunities

Each year around the holidays we are in need of in-person volunteers at our warehouse in Phoenix and South Dakota to fill stockings for Native American Elders and children. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer in these areas, please fill out the form.

Breakfast-in-a-Bag is the only local program that gives Elders things like bread and fresh fruit, and they get to choose which kinds. I’m happy that we try to watch out for Elders’ health with the things they grew up eating. This food helps them. 

– Steffanie S., South Dakota

Everything that’s in the bag, we make use of it. It means a lot.

– Sheila Y., South Dakota

Virtual Opportunities


Why do Tribes need help in the first place? For centuries, Native Americans have experienced massive trauma, genocide, forced migration, segregation, and discrimination which has led to several disparities such as the highest disease rates of any ethnic group, historically being undercounted in the census leading to underfunding, high rates of food insecurity and unemployment, and more.  

We can’t change the past, but by learning the history, we can champion hope and help make the future brighter.   

    • Follow our blog to learn more about what is being done today to help Tribes in need: 
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      • Watch this Reservation Realities series by our friend Wes Studi on our YouTube Channel 


        Once you have an understanding of the issues Native Communities are facing, spread the word. Tell your friends and family. While many people learned about the reality of life for various Native American tribes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty who are not yet #NativeAware® – and you can help us change this!   
        • Sign the pledge to become #NativeAware® and challenge your friends to do the same. 
        • Write to your congressman to highlight the issues and disparities Tribes are facing today. 
        • Share this Thanksgiving lesson plan with your favorite teacher or your child’s school. 
        • Start a fundraiser for PWNA on Facebook or JustGiving.